Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #23: The wife is submissive to the husband

Very short and to the point: WIVES YOU SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBAND ONLY. This is the husband that God sent, because your hubby is submitting and obeying GOD. This the husband that cleaves to you and leaves his parents. THIS IS THE HUSBAND THAT PUTS YOU SECOND TO GOD..not anyone else.

You don't submit to your parents, or HIS; you don't' put the KIDS FIRST or anyone else. 

Yes, you better stay on your knees, in prayer,  for your husband because you don't have time to play with God. Stay on your knees for your husband, because he needs you in the background to help him press through the front. Stay on your knees for your husband, because he is the head.

Your husband is the one God sent to take care of home, build you up and support you. Don't disrespect your husband or you'll be disrespecting God.

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama!

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