Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #24: There is a reason you don't have keys

Most children have keys to their parents house. Some of them don't; there is a reason for that. What is the reason? TRUST!

Just because she birthed you doesn't mean she trusts you. Why? Somewhere down the line, your LOST YOUR MIND. Lost it. Do you think she wants your empty body roaming around her house? There is no reason why MAMA should give you a set of keys, and then have to lock her bedroom door.

When you run the streets, stay there!

Another reason why you don't have keys, is because you trust everyone OUT THERE more than you RESPECT MAMA IN HERE. Yes there is a reason you don't' have keys. Mama doesn't want just ANYBODY IN HER HOUSE, and she can't trust YOU to respect that.

Now some of you do have keys. Why? Mama can trust you. Think about your life as you were growing up and you can really get an answer on why or why not, in regards to the keys.

There is always a REASON!

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama

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