Thursday, December 25, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #25: Mama Trusts God; Jump on the Bandwagon

A faith filled life is beneficial for you. Why? God controls everything; that's why. Mama trusts GOD.

Walking WITH GOD is better than WALKING WITHOUT HIM. There is too much going on right now in our world to live without him. Even though your life has been questionable, if you are reading this right now, you have a chance to repent and get on the right path. Let me tell you, I wasn't always where I am right now, but I"m thankful that God didn't let go of me. I must also share that walking this walk as a ministry leader has been lonely, but I won't stop walking.

See, as MAMA, I' won't let go of my faith filled, loving relationship with GOD, because I know where I want to end up, when HE CALLS ME HOME. I trust God, because during those times I was hungry, he fed me. During those times, that I was looking for answers, HE SENT THEM. During those times I thought I couldn't make it, HE WAS THERE TO MAKE SURE I DID.

See, you have to TRUST GOD, because you already BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL. What? What's that MAMA DANA? Yes, you already believe in the devil. Everything you do that you know isn't right, IS PROOF THAT YOU KNOW EVIL EXISTS, you just don't realize how GOOD AND BAD come together to test your mental, FAITH BASED capabilities.

So, there you have it. JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON and TRUST GOD TOO!

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama

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