Sunday, August 14, 2016

Who are you as a Woman?

As women, we are always challenged in understanding where we are to understand whom we are; I ask you today to put yourself on the other side of this question and get the answer. 


In my B.A.D. Queens of the Round-Table group, I continuously ask the women what they bring to the table? The table of business? The family table? or even ministry..what do YOU bring to the table? 

What do you think about yourself that allows you to be EVERY WOMAN in and around your life? 

I watched Unsung Hollywood with a special on Meagan Good and I was intrigued by her ups and downs in life. I was especially intrigued by her recent marriage to Minister Devon Franklin. Not that he's a minister, but, from her story, she finally received her blessed relationship. 

Nonetheless, the questions isn't to determine your lack of self worth or how much you value you; it is to take inventory of what you think. 

Make a list of your trials and triumphs. 
In that list what are you really proud of FIRST, then make a list of the things you can deal without. 
Each list makes you whom you are however good or bad it is; don't take anything for granted. 

When you look at what you don't like, ask yourself what was going on in your life causing the negative outcome. If things have changed make note of what you did that caused the positive change; if it has not changed ask yourself what do you need deliverance from. 

Who you are is very important to your future as well as those around you! Make note. Get help (deliverance) and move forward!! 

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