Monday, July 11, 2016

Smart, Saved and Sexy Intiative

What exactly is an initiative? 

  1. 1.
    the ability to assess and initiate things independently
  2. 2. the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.

This is what we're doing at B.A.D Queens of the Round-Table; we are taking action and putting work in to change the mindsets of the women around the world. We are determined to build B.A.D. Queens by helping them see the inside of their lives compared to the outside the world seems to complain about.

The point in the initiative is to establish an ongoing community of encouraging women at a level that isn't as HIGH UP, yes HIGH UP, as the B.A.D. QUEENS of the Round-Table. The Queens at the table are already in the mindset of I have to keep going, I have to do what God says, there isn't anything I can't do and I'm doing it with the help of the other queens.

So how smart, sexy and saved are you to move into this part of the Royal Dining room? How smart, sexy and saved are you to know that no matter your body type, or size, you are the epitome of that next level woman?

There are two levels to the initiative that we want you to consider:

1. Donation of any amount to participate in teleconference calls starting July 12th, 2016 also includes the Triple S report. 


2. Donation of any amount OVER $15 includes the Smart, Sexy, & Save T-shirt, teleconference, Triple S. Report and name included on the B.A.D Queens site as a supporter. 

Small-XXL Women's fitted

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