Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm Naked!

This morning I wokeup thinking about my new book Prophetic Patterns: Charles and Jasmine, and had to repent for the thoughts I had in my head. You see, I'm writing love scenes throughout the book between a married couple that the super saved folks seem to forget. It was so intense, I felt lustful at my thoughts; hence having to repent.

While getting ready, I thought about why I had those lustful thoughts and were they actually lustful? It dropped in my spirit that after all this time of being abstinent, I still didn't love my body. I did't love me.

In my shower I cried out to God to help me and after, I started to exercise. Naked. I started exercising naked. It isn't that I hate my weight, it was me recognizing if I can do jumping jacks with, wall push ups or squats, while naked, I could see every flaw and accept it. I looked in the mirror and laughed saying:


About a year ago, I did a series on Beauty is Spirit Deep. The purpose was to allow women to realize their beauty starts from within. I understood what was so necessary in that message from my own issues, that sometimes I have to tackle today. You're probably saying how does that have to do with the thoughts I had when referring to my book? It means that after four years, a great divorce, success in building a business and ministry, I still have to remind my self about my beauty. My being smart, saved and sexy is a mindset not a body thing. It is an inner body experience. Accepting who you are naked is accepting who you are PERIOD! 

 Over the next few days, I will be releasing the SMART, SAVED, AND SEXY initiative that is being birthed through the B.AD. Queens of the Round-Table Networking Group. 

Here are a few things I want you to run with while we get ready for this new initiative: 

  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Ps. 139:14)
  • You are blessed by GOD to accomplish all tasks despite your flaws. 
  • The imperfections on your body should not be in your mind or spirit. ( 1 Sam. 16:7) 
  • Look at yourself naked: point out the flaws without flinching and love on those flaws. 

God bless you!
Dana Williamson

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