Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D #19: Do Not Bury Your Talents

There comes a time where you will have to do what is necessary, but not logical. Every time I talk to one of my men-tees, or those that are part of my assignment, I let them know that God gives us something to build on and share with others. When you don't use what you are supposed to, you are basically burying your talents.

Take for example for your life the scripture about the 10 talents; Matthew 25: 14-30. Of all the talents that were given out, there was one that buried his out of fear. Fear of the unknown. We all go through that point in our lives where we know that we have something good, but because of fear, we don't move into that GREATER DESTINY.

Destiny. Your destiny. Your talents

God didn't give us a spirit of fear. Why do we find it so easy to walk in what is unnecessary and prohibiting our growth? You ahve to be so determined for greater that you will walk SCARED. I remember the words someone said to me once, that I keep in my mind: we have to have so much fear that we will move.

Why hesitate? Don't bury your talents. d

There is someone waiting on you to do what GOD SAID, but they can't move because you haven't moved.

I sit here in my office today and I look at two buildings I should have in my possession right  now and I don't. I was too scared to make the calls that would give me the opportunity to have those buildings.

No more fear. If you know you buried those talents, DIG THEM UP!!

Dana Neala

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