Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #10: Use Your Resources

Everyday I am faced with the challenges of using what I know to get what I want. Sometimes I look at life and say I just can't do this right now, but then I look at my goals and say, I just can't NOT DO THIS RIGHT NOW.

I want growth in my life, and I want to build on leaving a legacy for my family. Now, I am in my 40's but as long as God gives me breath, I can handle this. So with that, USE YOUR RESOURCES.

What are you resources? Look around at what you want and what you desire; what do you need to obtain those desires. For one, you have to have a good prayer life, and, then 2, you need move in what God says to do. The problem with some, is that they are waiting on God to give instructions in a normal way, when actually you can't expect that. He is SUPERNATURAL; omnipotent. He can do things WAY BETTER than others can; than man can.

What are you resources? 

My resources:

  • writing
  • talking
  • teaching
  • cooking
  • planning
  • couponing
  • reading
These may not look like resources to you, but think about it: being a reader will make you a reviewer for a writer or author. Being a writer you can create a blog sharing your expertise on cooking. Being a talker can help maximize your potential at being a speaker, write, and an expert.

What are you resources? 

Dana Neal

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