Sunday, December 14, 2014

Motherly Wisdome #14: Don't Use the Children

 Don't use the children against the other parent. The children understand everything at every age; they will really be upset with you later!

As a young mom, I would see other mothers use their children to get what they wanted from the dads. That was manipulation of the utmost, and spiritually, it's witchcraft. A great form of control, because women thought they had the upper hand. 

The problem with this is, the dad's got tired of being used. They either took custody or stopped coming around. Then, the kids would be upset with the Moms because they couldn't see their dads. 

I was never one to use my children to get at their dad. I don't have time, for what we called, kid games. That's a game you play, that you can't stop playing or you would always have pie on your face. 

I like to eat pie, not play with pie. 

Children see everything, hear everything, and then they learn how to play the game. Don't let them play it on you when they get older, so stop now!


Dana Neal
Coach and Mom 

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