Monday, December 15, 2014

Motherly Wisdom 15: Do your very best!

Just do your very best, parents. 

Your upbringing, your experiences, and your responses to life is how things will 'play out' in your children as adults. If you did YOUR BEST, not your moms best, your cousins best, or Granny's best, but YOUR BEST, stop beating yourself up and live. 

Every day we wake up to a new day, wondering what it will bring. Everyday we look at the new day as a time of trying to get over yesterday. Yesterday, is not our problem nor is it ours to take back.

I sit here some time and wonder what mistakes I made in life to get treated the way I do, then, I realize it is me bringing up the past that hurts me so. I have done all I could with and in everyone around me; it was MY VERY BEST. It might have been low standard for others, or too much for some, but I did my best.

You do YOURS!

Motherly Wisdom by Dana Neal © 2014, C.K.Q. LLC

Dana Neal 

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