Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #30: Mom's are secret agents

Yes, Mom's are secret agents. The troublesome part you must accept is that we're WORSE THAN THE MAFIA! (I'm giving away secrets here)

Let me tell you, with all the hood language I can muster: MOM'S HAVE EVERYONE ON SPEED DIAL. Whether its police, school teachers, spies, majors, presidents, etc. Yes, we have it. This Rolodex is not public, but always accessible.

  • When it comes to our kids and their well being, we can make life look a mess, or perfect w/o flinching. 
  • We can sneak on school grounds unnoticed because we have cars at out finger tips (and no they aren't rentals!
  • We can pull money out of an hat because we call in favors
  • We can have our sons and daughters followed...

Okay I"m done. We're secret agents..that's all you're getting.

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama

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