Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #31: WE GAVE YOU LIFE

There is always an argument that I have with my children about what I did or didn't let them do, and my answer is I GAVE YOU LIFE. 

But even in giving them life, there is never a time that I regret having them. So to encourage the child, I want you all to know that we never regret having you. 

I had my daughter on Christmas day 25 years ago; she is my oldest. Then my other two were born; I got married and we all became a blended family. I have four children if anyone EVER ASKS!! I was 18 when I had my daughter; I don't regret it. The timing might have been too early, but I never gave up on thinking I would never live. 

Now, even though my kids will ever understand some of the sacrifices I made while trying to raise them, I remind them that I did give them LIFE. I could have chosen to live my life first, but I didn't. I could have just only had one child, but I didn't. I'm blessed and highly favored! 

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama

Thank you all for being a part of the 31 days of Motherly Wisdom. It just happened and it has been enlightening for all! God bless! 

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