Monday, March 03, 2008

Marriage Monday-----Calgon, take me away

I am so frustrated with what is going on in the Christian community for our marriages. Wives don't' have enough calgon time.

We need a break away from the nonsense..the drama, the lack of love and intimate response. WE as wives need too. There is so much we can and cannot deal with, even as Christians. It's hard to pray for a husband that you no longer like. It's hard to pray for God to help us, when in our hearts, we aren't sure we want to be helped.

So, we need calgon! We need something to take us away from this spiritually illogical world we live in and give us some peace of mind. I have heard people stress and stress and I have seen families help to tear them down. OH my heavenly father! Wives need something to take them away from this mess and just hear. Marriage is hard, whether you are Christian or not. It's not fun for the wife to do all the work.

With that, what is your answer? What do you think? When you choose to as the bible tells you..why does it seem to be so frustrating? Is it the devil attacking?

I'd like to keep this topic going for next week............if you will lend a hand and talk back!

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onelilrose said...

Dana: I hear your pain. Yes, it is the devil attacking.

We as women are expected by the world's standards to do it all. I too have found myself in years past not liking my husband. I have always loved him and have told him that I do not like you at this point in time.

With that said, In recent years I have come to the understanding that having this attitude only hurts me. I have learned to pray not just for him but for myself.

I ask the Lord to show me where I can improve myself to help him improve. I ask the Lord to work on us both because whether we want to admit it or not there is always something in us that adds to what we find intolerable in our mates.

When we have a problem or when I find myself about to fall off the cliff, I stop and pray aloud and then let it go.

Miraculously, the Lord works on us both and all is well.

Taking us away. I feel that women in general need to find time for a "Girls Day/Weekend" on a regular basis.

Many of us feel guilty about taking time away from our families and ultimately it is our families that suffer.

Is this a concept that you as an Event Planner could incorporate into your business (Nationwide).

Chat with you later.