Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thinking Thursday! ~~They Aren't YOU

I wanted to stop in and alert some of us (Christians) about what the world might PUT in your face. What the world thinks is okay is not okay to our Father in heaven.

You have to say YOU AREN'T ME! You aren't living according to the word of the Lord, you aren't working to build the kingdom of God, by tearing down his people. You AREN'T ME........when you run from circumstances and pray afterward....when you look out for you and not the other people (family of not).

The world has to realize that there will be a difference between them and us when it comes to doing the work of the Lord.

In order to walk in that power of direction...who are YOU?
Are you the man or woman you are supposed to be according to the word?
Do you fellowship with other Christians in the house of the Lord?
Are you looking for spiritual direction?
Before you talk about your brothers "speck" in his eye..have you handled the "plank" in your own?
In order to tell people that they AREN'T have to know who you ARE!

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