Monday, March 10, 2008

Marriage Monday ----It takes two, but which two?

Welcome to Marriage Monday! Today's topic is neither good nor bad,but very thought provoking.

It takes two to make a marriage work. Today, we're talking about which two; actually, which two does it start WITH. (Follow me, it may take some time)

1. When you are a Christian married couple, both believing completely in the Lord, it's going to take you to realize what you need to do to make it. Together, you are going to have to pray and submit yourselves to God. You are going to have to repent for whatever you might have done wrong to your spouse. You are going to have to get into your prayer closets and listen to the spirit as it tells you WHAT YOU DID WRONG. When both spouses are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, the world can't tell you what to do, only the spirit can..and following God's word....

2. When only one spouse is saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, you still have to go in prayer and listen to the Lord. Wives have a problem with starting off in prayer (honestly, I do)..and we always end up in prayer when everything has hit the fan and the divorce papers are being printed. Ladies and gentlemen, prayer is the only way out........direction from the bible is the only way IN....It's going to take the one saved spouse and the Lord to get this marriage back on track. And again, you are going to have to listen and know what to do next.

It's all about being on the right track. The enemy is going to come and attack you with all that he can when he knows you are trying to do what is right according to the word. AND you will have to be ready...whatever is important to you and your salvation the enemy will come in and try to tear it have to know what to do next and start now! Don't let your marriage become a stomping ground for the devil and his army of misfits. Build your marriage up with praise, thanksgiving and worship! And Allow the Lord to takes two...and make sure the Lord is one of those TWO!

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