Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Tea~~Taking time to listen

Good evening everyone! This is the perfect time to have tea! We can relax and we can use this time to think, pray, and listen. Our tea time today is about listening!

The problem in our families and in our friendships is that we don't listen. When we start a conversation pick pick picking at the problems someone else has we aren't listening to the other person to resolve the issue. Problems need to be resolved and handled in a respectful manner, not the parent/child syndrome. How is that? Parents tend to talk/yell/bark/scream and don't want a response from their children; we can't carry on those conversations into their adulthood, or in the other relationships we have.


These few words intertwine with each other so that the result is positive. If you are walking the christian walk completely and talking the christian talk, your spirit will direct you...your heart has to be right to accept the spirit and it's direction.....if you are going in the right direction, you are listening.

This spiritual synopsis is an example of where you should be in life and in business.It's important to apply your spiritual lessons to the life you have in this world.

Taking time to listen means, listening to the kids in your life because they DO have something to say. What do they have to say? They want you to feel their pain, feel their happy times, their scary times etc. It's not about being their friend, because they may need that too, but it's about letting them know you are listening to whatever stupidness they are saying. If you have an ear to listen to the latest gossip, the newest songs, you can listen to your kids.

Taking time to listen means, listening to the needs of your co-workers or clients. You can't successfully get through a work day without knowing the needs or services that should be done on daily basis. You can lose your job and/or your clients because you didn't listen.

So, tea time is over...and this one was mouth full, I pray you have read something to turn the light bulb on about listening in your family and in your business!
God bless!

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