Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #8: Never Conform

This is relatively simple. NEVER CONFORM. This means, never compromise your spiritual life for those around you. Never conform to what people want you to to do.

Let me give you a personal example, I have been in a BROKE place for 3 months. I had to ask some people to help me, and the first thing they said was go back to work. I knew they didn't, and still don't, know the LORD, like I do; they don't understand, going back to what is normal is being disobedient.If I would have said, and did, what they wanted me to do, I would have conformed to their expectations. The problem is this, GOD IS HIGHER THAN THEY ARE, and even though I had to ask, I didn't lose myself.

You're going to come around some people that want you to walk in normalcy and give up you faith walk. When this happens, give them the peace sign and WALK AWAY!

Dana Neal

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