Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #29: Take Risks

When you know that you need something in life, you have to understand that waiting on the mailman or anyone ELSE, is not getting ready for a positive end result. In order to take risks, you have to be willing to step out (sometimes out of the house), to do this.

A B.A.D person, we know, is BLESSED, ANOINTED AND DESTINED, but to be this BAD person, without any pause in life, is to press when you dont' want to press. Everyday, I look at my life and see how I can do things better than I have. I look at how to step out and take risks.

This picture shows stormy skies, not just cloudy, but STORMY SKIES, and a sign that says risks ahead. This is the epitome of what needs to be done regardless of what everything else looks like.The hurricanes of life will still go on, but the RISKS must be done.

As a business and lifestyle coach, I tell everyone to use their resources when building business. This means use what you have even though you dont' have any money, or you don't have any help/support.

Risks are not about looking foolish; who cares if you look foolish? Risks about ENCOURAGING SELF!

Dana Neal

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