Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. 28: Remember, its not Religion, its RELATIONSHIP

This is real simple! The closer you get to God, that better your chances of understanding all the bad things that happen in your life.

What I mean is, before you go FALLING OFF THE CLIFF, because every thing is going wrong, you will go to the word of God. Why? How? The Holy Spirit within you will guide you in that direction. The many pieces of revelation in the Bible, far outweigh the issues you have in your life.

Look at what you know to be WRONG RIGHT NOW; what have you done to clear that up? What have you done to get an understanding of how you MAY be at fault?

I have had many experiences in this thing called life, and I'll tell you that I don't know how I God thought so much of me all those years I was under religion and not relationship. With relationship, I can walk with God continuously and not be worried. With relationship I am encouraged to do what is necessary for what even though it seems strange to others.

Religion tells me to do what has been structured in books, not in spirit. I want my end result to be because my ears to hear and eyes to see were strictly because of the RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

Dana Neal

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