Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Motherly Widom #3: Grand-kids see all

 Grand-kids are the epitome of time right now;nothing like their parents at that age. 

What I mean is, when you look at your grandchildren, they aren't acting like their parents did, they are acting like how their parents are teaching them now. 

I look at my grandchildren and I see how they are learning EVERY LITTLE THING IN LIFE right now. Whether its how they eat, or how they argue, how they clean, or how they sleep, I see what my daughter does at home through them. 

It is a blessing to see them catch on to some things so minute, but then again, you want them to just have a life fit for them in their little bodies. 

Keep a close watch on your grand-children; any hurt harm or danger, you will see in their actions and reactions. 

Dana Neal 
Coach and Mama! 

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