Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #2: We're Good

The best is in your own 4 walls; don't compare everyone else's triumphs to your trials. 
My mother always compared me to others. I tried never to do that to my children. If they received 4.0's or 0.0's they were still my children and I loved them. I encouraged them and would want to help them achieve what they could for them. In OUR HOUSE, that's what mattered. 

What everyone else could and could not do in THEIR house was not our issue. WE'RE GOOD. That is the understanding that is important to gather. What is best in your own four walls, should be best. 

Never compare your children to someone else, and never undermine their test and trials as mediocre. As a mother, you shouldn't be a friend, but you shouldn't be a hindrance either. 

Look at your life right now, and determine have you been hurting your house, or helping it? Remember the Proverbs 31 Woman, she didn't sleep, and her best benefit was to her HOUSE, not the neighbors! 

Let them know WE'RE GOOD

Dana Neal
Coach and Mama! 

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