Thursday, December 04, 2014

Motherly Wisdom #4: Get out of Mama's House

Look around you. Where do you live? If its house to house you still need help; If its at home with Mama you still need help; If you got the new kicks but no light, heat, rent, bills, you still need help; Help=Mama

Even if your kids are at home because you want them there and not on the streets, that's fine; they still need your help. Why? They are still at home. They are comfortable in not paying a bill, or being self-sufficient. They have no responsibilities. 

But what about those that go house to house without any TRUE THOUGHT of having their own? It's disrespectful, but they need mama. 

I know, that's a cop-out isn't it? You'll always need Mama; you can hear it ringing in your ears. My concern here is this: IT SHOULD BOTHER YOU THAT YOU NEED MAMA. I don't mean not love on her (them/parents), or help them, I mean, you can't buy a bag of groceries, but you need a bath and a place to sleep. 


You're stealing from Mama. Move on. You can't find your wife, holding on to MAMA! 

Dana Neal

Coach and Mama! 

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