Friday, April 17, 2009

Featured Business Woman: Cassandra from Rosalyn Scent

Would you like a unique scent made just for you? Would you like to give your clients gifts that are handmade from the very best? Would you like to have excellent customer service with excellent products? Then you need to step on over and talk to Cassandra at Rosalyn Scent.

I have a sample of Coconut Dream body cream that is great for my hands while I type all day. I have a fragrance sample that is nice. I recently gave away my suga baby lotion to a friend that will be purchasing soon!

It is all in the networking and building business!

Cassandra is a wonderful business woman. She has given me great ideas to impliment in my own gifts business and great ideas on gifts for my clients. Below is some brief info to check out her site.

My business info is Rosalyn Scent, I make natural skincare products and blend wonderful scents. I make my own perfumes, my online shop has a variety things to choose from. My products are for everyone to enjoy and Men can enjoy the Rosalyn Scent experience as well.

You can email Cassandra at

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OMG! This is so wonderful of you! I have to give you a gift.