Friday, April 17, 2009

Featured Business Woman: Kenyatta Wilson

I am in the presence of some very creative women! I want to take the time to invite you to join Fabulous Black Women on the ning network. Let me tell you we are all fabulous be not every member is a woman and not every member is black, but we have a majority of minority business people that are great networkers.

Kenyatta Wilson is another business woman working hard to stay with her plan A into this rough economy! I think she shows many women how you can stay at the top if you keep focus! You will see, below, the reason why she got into business and the reasons why she stays in business!


I started making jewelry as a way to supplement my income when I had to care for not only my two boys, but also my mother, who had to stop working when she suffered two series of mini strokes, 7 total.

I have decided this year to donate a portion of my sales to the American Cancer Society as a tribute to my father, whose death from lung cancer will see its 5th anniversary in September.

My company is Chic, Not Cher Handmade Creations, I make jewelry. My main site is and my store on Etsy can be found at

Great job Kenyatta! God bless you


sosogood313 said...

Oh wow, thanks so much for the feature! I really, TRULY appreciate it.

Dana said...

Anything I can do to help others, is a way of sowing a seed for us both!