Thursday, April 23, 2009

Featured Business Woman: Viki Stanley-Hutchison

I met a lovely woman this week on one of my networks that is just like me; wanting to help others and give back. She is a certified life coach! She works hard during her 24 hour day to help others pull their lives together. Below you will find out who she is and some of the things she does.

(taken from her bio located on her web site!)
'Viki Stanley-Hutchison is a certified life strategies coach and speaker who is passionate about creating and leading workshops and tele-coaching groups that aid women in increasing their levels of confidence and self-esteem!

In her "spare" time Viki is a homeschool mom, mother of two, grandma of one adorable Aspie, and a Guernsey County Relay for Life Team Captain. She enjoys spending time with her family, working out, dancing, and expanding her knowledge.

If you are a goal getter, or need to be a goal getter I suggest you go here and get the free Goal Getters Get Productive Action and Accountability info.

I have had a coach before, but Mrs. Stanley-Hutchison is right on time with her services. The vibe I receive from her is genuine and essential to the other person. She is not one out for her own benefit, she is ready to help others. The spirit she generates is very peaceful!

Check out Viki Stanley-Hutchison....your new life coach!

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