Monday, May 08, 2017

I was Her....Olivia Pope

How did I get here with this title? I made a discovery in the past 30 days for which I may need counseling for but, nonetheless, a discovery. I realized I was Olivia Pope; the fixer, the caregiver, the saver, the....WOMAN.

Being a woman is a given; but some women find themselves weak. Olivia, gets weak, and then REVERTS BACK TO BEING STRONG. Where does that strength come from? It comes from being the fixer, the caregiver, the saver; it comes from being the best at the best of what we do and not what we're not.

I was her; Olivia Pope. I AM HER. 

No, not in seasons, of course; but seasoned. Being seasoned is experience. I am HER. I am the one who MOVES MOUNTAINS for people and then I have MORE EXPERIENCES because of my mountain moving abilities.

I am her; I don't even regret being her.  Why? Our lives are wrapped around what other people say about us, even think about us, and we should have no regrets about what we've learned. Our lives have knowledge and wisdom wrapped into them NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD they have been.

Never have regrets. Never ever have regrets, because you can't learn if you have regrets. You can't see God in your life if you have regrets. If you are offered another day, another morning, you don't have time for regrets. You have time for lessons. You have time for experiences. You have time for LIFE, HEALTH, and STRENGTH.

You are a GLADIATOR (Olivia's team). A gladiator is a person who engages in a fight or controversy. Don't turn away from controversy or fight.

"My white hat is bigger than your hat."
Olivia knows what she is worth, and she refuses to accept anything lower.
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