Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Jamesina Greene: Inspiring Others

 Jamesina Greene manages more than speaking engagements as the owner of DESTNE Enterprises. Jamesina’s commitment to leading her fan-base with thought-provoking inspiration stems from her experience in helping others in transition. It is Jamesina's literary work which has earned her numerous recognition.   She is the author of six self-published works and a Contributing Author of a Bestseller, written with other Mothers.  Her first book, Help, I Don't Like Myself!, shares her personal experience with Depression and the the true story of her escape from depression, and her daily walk to maintain her deliverance.  In addition to her books, she is writer of a Blog, “I AM a Voice” and Host of “The Voice of Triumph” Radio Show.  She is the Founder of the “A Mother’s Cry” organization and hosts an Annual Conference to encourage and minister to the hurt, wounded and the broken. 

 Jamesina talks to us about her work, and her book She Inspires!
 How long have you been writing?

I have been writing every since I learned how to spell. Writing has always been a safe place for me.

How many published works do you have?
I currently have six published works.

What is the genre you focus on?
I don't focus on a specific genre.

What were you focusing on with this particular book?
 With this particular book, I focused on sharing uplifting and inspirational thoughts to be used for personal affirmation.

Any new releases?
 At the present time, I have no new releases.

As a writer are you also a speaker? 
 I am both a Writer and a Speaker.  I feel that sharing what I write in a variety of mediums is my Life Assignment.  Speaking provides the opportunity to share my heart and my words to a larger audience at once

What would you like to tell new writers/authors to motivate them?
 I would encourage new writers to write. To tell YOUR story, because no one else can tell it like you can tell it.  Your Voice is unique.  Never allow anyone to silence you.  Write, write, write.

There you have it in her own words. God bless your works!
You can purchase She Inspires on Amazon.com

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