Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From the Pit to the Palace: 5 Steps to Getting There Step 1

Joseph went from the Pit to the Palace because his gifts made room for him. You have to use what you with a good heart in order to be seen. Sometimes people will forget, because they have their own agenda, but when they do, remember you its for the right time and for the right people.

Read Genesis 41: 1-57 and understand what was being done. Joseph had told one of the prisoners, after God gave him interpretation of his dreams, not to forget him. The time had come and the servant remembered. When Joseph interpreted the dream in great clarity he was taken from the prison (the pit) and put in the palace.

No matter what pits you're trying to get out of right now make the best of where you are. Make the best of the challenges by still being you.

  • You could be homeless trying to build a business, but with wi-fi, your mobile office travels. (#catchthat) 
  • You could be without any money in your bank account, but with a few blogs, and self publishing, you can grow in a matter of days. 
  • Your lights could be in danger of getting cut off but if you look at what you know to do, you can create a funnel of income right now from you computer. 
  • Your children could worrisome, but prayer is on your side.

There are many pits we find ourselves in, ladies, but know that you can go from the pit to the place.

Step 1: look at your circumstances and make a list of how you can change those circumstances with what you have at your finger tips.

Ex. Do you need rent money? Have a dinner fundraiser or bake sale; yard sale
      Do you need to create an extra income? Join a direct sales company that actually works. (Ex. Avon)

Get started today.
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