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Ailsa Hardy(Stokes) Walking in God's Plan

Ailsa Hardy (Stokes) native of Chicago IL made her home in Milwaukee, WI from the age of 15 to present time, wife and mother of 3 sons. Author of two self-published books. The Plan Didn’t Work and 21 Awesome Home Based Businesses.  Also appeared  in I’m A Wife Not A Knife by Dana Neal.   Founder of Positive Directions, Inc. a ministry working with teen girls and woman to better themselves and their homes as well as their community.  

How long have you been writing?

4 years

How many published works do you have?

2 books of my own and one book that I have an article or chapter in

What is the genre you focus on?

Christian non-fiction

What were you focusing on with this particular book?

My focus was to share my life experiences and to help others that may have dealt with some of the some issues, to know that with God on our side we can overcome all things.  Even though we may not understand why we are or had to experience things that are not so pleasant our lives can be used to share how awesome God is.

Any new releases?

I am currently working on two books, a children’s story and a book for on marriage.  Both books will be out summer of 2015 and will be found on

As a writer are you also a speaker? (please expound on this question)

Yes I  also am available for speaking engagements.  My focus is to woman and teen girls. To motivate and encourage them to not give up.  Also to share my testimony.

What would you like to tell new writers/authors to motivate them?

To new authors I would like to share, never let others take over your project.  Let your writing flow as you go. Another thing is to not focus on having enough money to get published.  There are self-publishing companies on line that will walk you through everything you need to get your work out there.  Stay encouraged and know that it’s your work that you are about to present to the world so give it your all.   To readers it would be a great help and boost to go to the site you purchased the books and leave a comment, even if it may not be that great. This lets that writer know where to improve or it give motivations to keep going.  Also as a reader of the book, if they  gave an email address for the writing, send them a note and let them know what you thinking about the book. Let them know if it helped you any way. That lets the writer know their work is doing what it set out to do. 

There you have it from Mrs. Ailsa Hardy! 
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