Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D #26: Dont' believe the Hype!

I teach women how to be save money, and build business. When they are realize that they don't have to do what everyone else days, the money they invest in me to help them gives them a great return. The problem in some cases, is that most of my clients want to believe the hype in building a business instead of doing the work.

Yes ladies, I'm talking to all of you that have your own business or are in direct sales.

You have to decide that you can't become a millionaire by just starting a business or joining a great direct sales company. You have to do the work to become that millionaire. You have to market, and sell.

The worst thing someone can tell you in joining their business is that you can make money with little effort. No, that's  a lie and that's hype to get you in their game. It takes much effort to do what is necessary. For instance, I'm an Avon rep as well as a Send out Cards Distributor. In order for me to make money, I have to put out catalogs and share my website link (for both businesses). and pray someone clicks and  orders. Yet it doesn't stop there.

Multi-level marketing companies try to get you to believe the million dollar hype, without telling you what work there is to put in; they want your investment first.

Same thing in relationships.

I know a man that stated we all send out the representative first in building relationships, not the real person. The real person shows up later. If it's too good to be true, don't fall for it. BUSINESS OR LIFE, don't take a chance in believing the hype.

Dana Neal

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