Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #25: Don't Believe the Lies

Every day there is something new coming out to take on or take down the desires of your heart. Someone wants to tell you that you can't be successful or you can't have a business; someone is telling you that you cant' have the desires of your heart, but you can.

Don't believe the lies.

A lie can cause you to be oppressed, then depressed, and not focusing on what you need to grow or obtain that breakthrough. Anything negative is a lie. Anything not pushing towards pursuing your dream is a lie.

DON'T STAND FOR IT; actually DON'T SIT FOR IT. A lie will have you sitting down on your dreams.

Stand up and call the liars a liar to their face, and prove them wrong. You don't have to tell them you'll prove them wrong, just DO IT!!
I have had many people tell me what I couldn't do; I settled and allowed myself to be a victim. I refuse to be that victim ever again. I lost years from life and and building my business because of the negativity and the lies. I set off to prove them wrong.

Set off to prove them wrong. I have you back!

Start rewriting every negative statement into a positive statement and read it over and over each day. 

Dana Neal

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