Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D #21: Impact Others

Oh this is hard to share sometimes. Why? Because most people only want to impact what is happening in their own homes. They don't want to do what is necessary for everyone just the people that are closest to them.


When I consider who I am in ministry and in business, I know that what I say and do will impact others, regardless of how they make reference to me. I know that people don't like what I say, or even how i say it, but it helps them.

Will they be honest about the IMPACT?  No. Is that okay with me? Yes. I am fulfilling an assignment. I can't step back or decide not to be obedient. What is wrong with the world when we feel like because I'm hurt, I don't want to complete my task at hand? Saints don't have that choice.


Remember the post on don't bury your talents? This is why; you have to use those talents to impact the lives of others. Does it always happen in your house. No. It happens with everyone who is connected to you.

Get on ladies! YOU ARE READY FOR THIS.

Dana Neal

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