Monday, August 27, 2012

Featured Business Woman: Tracy Smith

Business Name - Epiphany Mobile Spa, LLC

I have been in business for 1 1/2 yrs.

Struggles in starting the business: Trying to divide my time between my full-time job as a RN & working on my business. I love my business & literally want to spend every hour of the day working on it because it does not fell like work. When I am at  work I feel like it is taking away from my time to work on my business. I feel I could be so much further along if I did not have to go to my full-time job as a bedside nurse but then I also realize that the bedside experience is helping me to increase my knowledge needed for my Mobile Spa business. 

Triumphs since starting the business: Meeting some wonderful people & making amazing connections. When I start to question whether or not this is what I am suppose to be doing GOD gives me a sign that screams YES!!!!!

Why did I start the business: I started my business because after working for other people & companies I realized I cannot work for other people. I have seen companies mismanaged. I have seen corporations get so big that they lose focus on the foundation of their company. It gets to be just about money. I have seen companies not show a bit of appreciation for their employees. I have seen some things that they allow to happen that has made me say "Are you serious". My clients are priority & when I grow my business, my employees will be priority as well. If you don't develop a business that makes people WANT to come to work & that they enjoy doing then you have unhappy employees. Then how can they effectively embrace what you are trying to pass on to your clients & customers? Your employees are the ones that come in contact with your clients on a regular basis. If your employees aren't happy then it is passed onto your clients and this reflects back to you as the business owner. The client the questions why the employees are so unhappy & questions your skills as well.

My Small Business WHY: I wanted to help people realize that they need to make time for themselves. When I use to have a 9-5 job I would ride the train & observe people & so many people looked so unhappy going to work. I also met quite a few people that say they spend so much time taking care of  others & they do not have time for themselves, which I think is crazy. We all need that me time to grow as a person, to get centered, & to clear your head & just relax. I also wanted to specialize in those that have been diagnosed with cancer because I have had several family members  pass away from cancer.So it hits home. I have also noticed that more & more patients that I take care of in the hospital have some form of cancer. More & more people are being diagnosed. Cancer is a horrible disease that completely changes your life.

Born & raised in Harlem, NY, I always knew that I was meant for more. During college I worked at several hospital to start getting the necessary experience that I needed before becoming a RN.  Graduated from Temple University in 2000 & started working at New York Presbyterian Hospital & I have been there for almost 10 years. In September of 2009 I decided it was time to pursue my dream of owning my own business so i went to school to get my skincare license After completing that program, I went on to massage therapy school & finished that in October 2011. Started Epiphany Mobile Spa in April of 2011. 

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