Monday, March 21, 2011

Well, Here's the Problem

The problem with your life is that someone else wants it. It's never a great experience for people to congratulate you adn then make you feel bad all in one breath. The problem in my life is that I can't offer everybody what they need so they don't even trust me with the little bit I have. Wow..that's like getting stomped on w/o really knowing it until you try to get up from the unclear stuper you were in.

Here's the problem:

Everyone's reality is the logic that the world brings not the spirit that we should walk in. Everything a saint does should be guided by the LORD's direction, not the world's reality.

Here's the solution:

Understand that God is the only way. His directions are the only way and there is no exception to the rule. NO EXCEPTION. We cannot keep walking around here thinking we can make scripture fit for us. This is not the way people should live. NEVER.

So here's another problem: Your life is not even all that perfect. Your career is failing, your businesses are failing, your children give you a stroke on a daily basis and never mind that your finances look like a total mess.

Here's a solution: Smile and let them get over it. You have to do what God calls you to do and nothing short of that and no exceptions to the rule (yes, that again). The scripture is plain and clear about what you are to do. Your vision is blurred by the people in your life that don't have a clue that the grass is just as green on their side as it is on yours.


It is time to get off this congested freeway of life and take a slow drive in God's direction. He'll meet you at the fork in the road and tell you exactly what to do you. Get your spiritual GPS going otherwise get ready for an early final distination.

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