Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Promoting YOU: Evelyn Jackson, Diva Guru

In the past few months, through my favorit social media, I have gotten to know a wonderful business woman. This woman reminded me of things I used to do that needed to come back to my entrepreneurial mindset. She is a marketing guru with a heart of gold! She is a person that everyone needs to keep them encouraged and motivated. I always say sometimes the motivator needs motivation; she is my motivation.

I want you to take a few moments to meet Evelyn Jackson, but I want you to do two more things PASSED that.
 I want you to go and purchase her book from her website (click title) this book will help anyone who is like me( a marketing idiot) and build a great business. Evelyn shows the link splitter how to develop relationships with people who turn into potential clients. Her bubbly attitude changes your negative one and propels you to go forward.

The owner/ceo of Divalyn Small Business Guru is about to hit BILLIONAIRE in 2011. Yes, my spiritual self believes that in no time this is going to happen for Ms. Jackson. Part of her Bio from her site says:

Divalyn Small Business Guru (D.S.B.G.) believes that Social media, Technology and the Online presence is very important for growth. This is why we offer unique and crazy ideas that other business consultants thinks is a waste of time. We believe if you're not up to date with Technology, you will fail in the business world. We are one of a kind, we are unique and we will be a Fortune 500 company.

Get this book today!

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