Monday, October 04, 2010

Day 25 of the 77 Day Challenge

Okay the last five days have been a whirlwind! With traveling to Chicago Friday night for church service, a funeral on Saturday and home due for my ministry class today, these five days have been great. I have accomplished so much in little time.

First off, I finally got some financials done for my home. Basically, in order to grow I need to find a way to live and in order to live I have to have my finances in order. One thing that was slowing me down, was not being able to give my kids spending money. I found a way to give them allowance, start a savings plan, and help show them how to pay their tithes and offering. The best system that has helped me is FamZoo. I just joined last week and it is keeping me on track to take my entire family further in saving dollars to make sense. Try it out!

Secondly, I signed up for a webinar service that is only 8.97 per month (after the initial 29.99 payment and 8.97). This service offers all of the amenities that the other services offer, but also includes recording AND you can make money from others that sign up.  I have learned,as a business owner, you must invest to get a great return (one of those is tithing, and the other is putting money in your business.) I signed up for GVO Conference  (this is the prelaunch link) and have already scheduled a few webinars for the month of October.
Goals seminar

Lastly, I have started a newsletter for C.K.Q. LLC that is full of everything in the corporation. Better to have one newsletter that covers all self made and affiliate businesses than to have 100 newsletters!

I'm excited that the 77 day challenge is going well. Day 25 proves to be a great one.

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