Wednesday, October 06, 2010

HOME PARTIES via Web Conferncing

I have been in direct sales for many years. I haven't dont a great job in making money becuase I couldn't have 2-3 parties in one week. I still worka  9-5, I have my own self made businesses, and I have a family. When was I going to have a 3 home parties to make enough money to leave my job? Never; that was then and I am so glad I didn't quit.

Let me give you some background music here:
We are rich beyond our wildest dreams with the knowledge we have. We can sell lingerie, candles, makeup and more door to door, and make enough money to keep us at home with our kids. (men or women) Now we have to take that knowledge share it with others and keep moving. We need to hit the ground running with what the CEO's of major companies (OR network marketers) are using: THE WEB. I'm not talking about websites, I'm talking web conferencing!

Have a home party from your home! Invite $50 people, have a giveaway, or prize..charge a small fee,whatever you feel necessary or beneficial for your biz.

I want you to check out GVO Conferencing. Take everything to another level in our web conferencing for the direct sales businesses. Webconferencing is not new, but it is essential to growth and taking business to the higher level.

I really value your time so I will get to the point. I am personally looking for Leaders..DUH!! and YES!!

Network a bad word, but you DO IT EVERYDAY. Everyday you sit down and call a prospect, or book a party, or send out a blast, that is what you are doing.

I know you have made money in the industry and love it as much as I do, let us go further, help others to do the same and build more than one business during this time.

Joel Therien is about to launch what will be a product that is industry changing.. truly a product by network

marketers, for network marketers..

It is by far the best webcasting, conferencing I HAVE SEEN.
I am are looking for leaders to lock in their position.. this will be truly "life changing" for alot of people and businesses.

All you need to do is go and get on the Ear ly Bird VIP list, and you will be the first to be notified o f when the software goes into public pre launch!!

Just register for Free now at:

It will only take you 10 seconds..

Think about it..the holiday is fast approaching..get in NOW.


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