Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 7 of the 77 day Challenge

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am totally exhausted today. I have taken this challenge to higher heights. My purpose, again, is to become wealthier, monetarily, by Black Friday (the 77th day of the challenge). My goal is to do something one or two things to grow one of two businesses. Now these businesses can be affiliate companies, or my own self made biz, but I have to do something.

The first 7 days have been a doosy! (WOW)

After writing articles, updating blogs and starting new profiles on NEW social networks, I realized that all my time spent of Face book for the summer months, did nothing for me IN MY MIND. What do I mean? I felt like I was saying a lot in 120 characters and no one heard me. Now, I am saying something in 350 words or less and I have more contact than ever! Does that mean Face book is bad for business? No, you just can't do IT ALL, and do it effectively.

So, here I am on the 7th day and I have tackled the paper work in my office (which is now my bedroom), that I haven't looked at in months. I have organized them all into file folders and categorized things that never needed a category before this challenge. I am moving NOW towards my handbag, which I know carries some great information that should be stored in a file, not in my purse.

What I have learned in this first 7 days is that I have to see this vision God has given me, and work it as HE directs. I can't go running around my house, my church or my city with my head cut off like some start up company who doesn't know any better. I have to do this RIGHT! I know enough about getting organized to get there and stay that way. Alba Henderson of i-virtual assist, has been a great asset to me in getting my business information on paper and filed neatly in binders or folders. (networking with others is essential)

I have also started to use my general email for things that require immediate attention but don't need to be 'categorized' as business. This works well for a lot of programs I am linked with, and then the growing number of profiles I am creating.

Some of my profiles have tasks attached them so I am working Vol II of the lock on the door. So excited about that as well! Working through these tasks calendars are essential to my growth and organization.

Now this being only the 7th day, I am truly excited. If you want to join me please do! Leave a comment below and share with me how it is going for you.

(hmmmm, I need another challenge for the new year)

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