Tuesday, September 14, 2010

77 Day Challenge

I started a 77 day challenge on Thursday/Friday that will take me rigth into Black Friday. I started this challenge because I noticed I wasn't doing enough WORK for my business. I wasn't effectively using my time.

In this 77 day challenge, I am working towards building one or two businesses. However this works out, I'm doing more in this next 77 days then I have done all year.

Why NOW?

Well, I need money in my pockets. I am working a 9-5 and building businesses with nothing to show for it and still a house to take care of. In my entire entrepreneurial life, I have not made enough money to even pay a bill. So it is time to take the hobby out of business and make some real money.

Each day I have to do one or two things for business.

As I have started out, I have written more blogs, written/submitted two articles and updated one website. I am working on submitting more videos and utilizing my affliate programs to create residual income.

I am truly excited about the next 77 days (well actually now 73 days). I have a different outlook on life and what the next step has for me. Seven is a great spiritual number. Looking at this challenge helps me look at seriously leaving behind a legacy for my family. Even in the middle of all that is happening in my life, I am taking on this challenge with my head held HIGH!

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Shanna said...

Dana, that's great! I have that same book and was blown away by some of the no brainer concepts. I followed you here from Monique's Social Media Momma site. :) I'd love to learn more about you and what you are specifically doing to work your challenge. Have a great day! ~Shanna