Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is your business is decreasing....

We are in a recession. Gas prices are rising and life seems to be at a stand still. Is your business decreasing in these times? What are you doing to keep a constant flow of clients, money, etc.

One thing I am working on as a business owner, is eliminating the negativity. There will be people in your business network or even social, that will beat you down and try to tell you that it just won't happen in this life time. Most business persons try to detour you from succeeding because they KNOW YOU WILL succeed. Is that shocking? It should not be. While you are sitting down afraid of what this recession will bring instead of creating a plan that will bring you out on top, the other person is seeing you wallow in your own guilt and they are building on that. Do not fall into the trap of the negative heart and mind, or they will get you in their clique and you both will start on the next person and the vicious circle goes on.

Another suggestion is to keep learning. There are constant industry changes each day. You have to be able to succeed at different levels so do not stop learning.
If your business seems to be suffering because of this recession keep going strong and stay focused on you.

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