Friday, May 16, 2008

Family Friday~~Summer is coming

The time is coming for the school year to end. What are you going to do with the kids? You can not let children sit around idlely. There minds will turn to oatmeal and they will get rebellious!

Our children usually attend the neighborhood Boys and Girl's club each summer. This is a good idea if you don't have any other answers. I was a latch key kid and staying at home got boring. Going outside looking at the same neighborhood gave me a migraine. I rode my bike to the library's neighborhoood book mobile every other week and worked during my high school years.

I believe kids need something to not only keep them entertained but also educated; looking at each other is not it!

I have also discovered, if you involve children, more, in the running of the house, not just the upkeep, they develop an interest to learn. For instance, teach the older children how to cook small dishes. This helps them to get breakfast or dinner prepared if you are ever running late. Ask them to help with the gardening, cutting the grass, laundry, or painting; get their input, not just their struggle.

Take the children to the library; at any age it is well worth it. Ask them to pick out a book or magazine that is of interest to them (within limits; no rap, no fulgarity, no sex).

Bike riding is great and not just for exercise! Ride through the park you have never been to or a neighborhood that is of interest. Allowing your children to visit diverse neighborhoods allows them to get to know others of the WORLD not just their race.

Bowling allows children to use their minds and their bodies to complete a goal. Giving them the opportunity to do two things at once and effectively doing that :)
Bowling is great exercise! Take the kids bowling once a week. Find a kid league that would be great. Something to put them first this summer.

These are just a few suggestions. You can check out my other blog for more suggestions for summertime fun and education.

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