Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working Wednesday~~Do not pass it..if they don't want it

I'm referring to your children.

You may not be their hero and they do not want to go into business for themselves. Don't force it.

In this current age, children have to be able to use their own minds and be creative from their own hearts. Do not force a child to be your protege'; it won't happen.

With summer approaching, whether you have a teenager or college student, help them develop a creative edge and mind. What I mean is, ask them what they want; do not dictate to them the life you WISH YOU had.

Our children are our motivation. We can pray that they go further in life than we have or just pray they have a life. Parents make the mistake of thinking their children will go down the same road they did. They always assume that their child is an exact product of them. WRONG

Parents should recognize that they have raised them the best way they can and have nurtured them in the rights and the wrongs (hopefully biblically, too). If a young adult (18 and over) makes some wrong choices, parents can not re-raise them. It just won't happen.

So don't pass it on; your life, your history, your business, your problems, etc. Don't pass it on to the minds of your children. Negativity is death to the mind, heart and soul. Help them use their creativity to build something they want. Support them in the middle of their circumstances and in the middle of all of that...lovingly share LIFE.

Share life....if they don't want the life you have or even had, you can not force it!

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