Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Working Wednesday~~How are you networking

Networking effectively in business is an important factor for all. You have to make yourself available to all that have an interest in what you are doing, whether they are potential customers or not.

The point of networking is to establish personal and professional relationships that will be effective for you and your business.

You may sell on ebay or you may have your own online store which makes you a professional at somethinig. Which may open the opportunity for you to be an online vendor or speaker for various events. It also opens the door for you GIVE advice to other small business owners.

Networking is not about your sales pitch (but it helps), it's about the character you illuminate. Who are you that you want people to purchase your products or services. Networking is not about how many social/business networks you belong to, it's how effect YOU are on those networks.

Working Wednesday is brought here to help you realize your full potential as a business owner and a professional in your industry.

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