Monday, April 14, 2008

Marriage Monday--Staying in Love

There are times when your marriage is going to feel like it is just plain over. When you get to that point, you are going to wonder what have you been trying for and what are your reasons to KEEP trying.

YOu have to know that no matter how weak you get in the middle of the storm, you have to stand strong and weather it. You can not let the devil win and you cannot keep letting him in.

You are a the successor of your marriage, whether you are the wife or the husband. God will get all the glory in yor marriage if you continue, to try, to stay in love. It's not about your feelings or your mind, or what you can get as an indivdual, it's about the love you give to the other person. It's about what their feelings are and what can happen in regards to building that love. It is about taking YOU out of the equation.

Taking you out of the equation is going to cause you pain...but those that endure for the goodness of the Lord...well you can figure out the rest! Amen?? Prayer and supplication are the key elements to staying in love and keeping the love alive. I don't want to put pressure on your mind at this time, but you have to know that nothing in life is better than staying in love.

God bless.

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