Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Friday~~Pulling it all together

When you create a life that seems it is bigger than the plan YOU had, you have to pull it all together for balance and completion in the HOME!

Well,this hits home for me because everything I dream about to be prosperous and successful, is about to fall into the gutter because my home life isn't 100%. I blame my parents for this; if they weren't go-getters, creative minded, dreamers, and people that just wanted more out of life, I would be working my 9-5 and being Suzy Homemaker. So what do I do? Find balance. (I want you to visit and sign up with ilearn which has free online classes for just this topic).

The importance of balance gives us all the connection we need in our lives and frees us from stress. The primary importance to keep life stable and obtain this balance is the connection we have with the Lord. We are all God's children; when we choose to follow HIM, we are walking the path that opens our ears to hearing, seeing and doing.

So how do we start to get there:

1. Obey all the commands (not just the commandments)
2. Study the word
3. Fellowship with other like minded, spiritual individuals
4. Always be in prayer
5. Take classes or lessons regarding balance
6. Don't give up
7. Always trust the Lord.

These few steps may sound easy, but once you get started it's hard. I want to also, suggest that you visit Greg Dickow's web site and sign up for the Thinking Fast. or

You have to scripturally start somewhere in order to get things in order and in balance.


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onelilrose said...

Yes, indeed it is tough pulling it all together. I find trusting in God to be the #1 stabilizer. Even though I sometimes get sidetracked I remind myself constantly that I can do all things through him.

I have no one to blame. My mother is not a go-getter or creative minded or a dreamer.

In fact growing up I was told there were only three choices a girl had as far as a career - nurse, teacher, or secretary.

I think these limitations are what sent me rebelling into being the dreamer that I am today.

I have been on the thinking fast for the past six days. So far only a few of the thoughts have pertained to me but I am sure as the days past there will be more thoughts that I need to rid myself of in order to continue to balance my life.

Some days I feel that I have it all together and then other days I feel like I am spinning out of control. Those are the days when I remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and that I need to let go and let God.