Friday, September 21, 2007

Blessing your husband!!!

Ladies, let me say something about being sexy. You are only as beautiful as you think you are. Gentlemen, love your wives as you love yourself. Now you know that we need you to say the right thing. Not what we want to hear~~that's not biblical or wise. Ladies we have to learn that. Because those black pants from two years ago that now look husband told a story...they are not cute!!

But, but, when you slip off those grey/black pants to give to goodwill or the salvation army, take them off for your husband! Be intimate with him. Changing those tight grey pants from a chore to tearing off wrapping paper to a beautiful thing. You!

Bless your husband with your presence. Give him your essence...let him see you all over again, and if he loves you the weight won't matter.

*check out for risque for the married.

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