Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #23: You are a Queen

Ladies, never under estimate your true potential in the lives of those around you, and YOU! You are a queen. I have a charm on one of my necklaces that I have had for years, and it says black princess, but I'm a queen. I keep it because it was one of the things that reminded me of my worth. ONCE YOU CAN GRASP ON TO ONE THING, you can go higher

BUT WE ARE ALL QUEENS. Even as mothers, we hold our heads high; we tackle more things than men do because we hold ourselves at a HIGHER STANDARD, and get through, when it seems like we cant' even get TO!

You are #BAD, because you are  #QUEEN.

 Consider Hadassah who became Esther, but not only Esther, but QUEEN ESTHER. She remembered her faith, respected herself, her heritage and her husband. He revered her and LOVED ON HER LIKE WE ALL WANT OUR HUSBANDS TO LOVE ON US.

You are QUEEN.

Dana Neal
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