Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D #17: Encourage Yourself

This is really a no brainer. BUT, I know that it is hard. Man! It's hard to realize that you might have to go BY YOURSELF, in all areas of your life. You might have to run a race alone, and WIN ALONE. I all thy getting, get an understanding.

I don't understand everything all the time, but when I know I have to do it alone, I just do it ALONE!!! I encourage myself every time I go to bed, and every time I wake up. I do what is necessary for me and I dont' even talk about it.

I know that ENCOURAGEMENT is beneficial for me and what I need to do. Let me tell you, that no matter what life LOOKS LIKE, if you wake up every morning, YOU HAVE GRACE, FAVOR AND MERCY to get through and do!

You have to pray and pray more, and just keep stepping. The moment you realize you are not moving, you are not loving on you and trying to build where you are. You have to be so in tune to YOU, that you even BROKE AS YOU MAY BE, you need to encourage yourself.

Dana Neal

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