Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D. #13: Ask, Seek, Knock

The word of God tells us to Ask, Seek, Knock.

In order to do that you must believe that you will obtain what you have asked for; you can't walk it out any other way. You have to do what God says and how. Today I'm sitting in a place where I may not have any food, or my rent is paid, but I'm still working to build a business and obtain that BILLIONAIRE STATUS THAT IS FOR ME. I'm declaring some things on today that others may not see to declare for themselves. I have been asking, and I have been seeking. The point I'm in right now is to KNOCK!

 I'm telling you right now to WALK IT OUT. Ask God. Seek His face. Knock at HEAVENS DOOR.

God will give you open doors without knocking because you are being obedient, but if you know that you are not being obedient, you better ask HIM WHERE YOU FELL OFF AND SEEK THAT PLACE TO GET BACK ON THAT PATH AND WALK IT OUT.

You have to know that you are not perfect, YET, but you have a chance. WALK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!


Dana Neal

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