Monday, January 12, 2015

Ways to be B.A.D #12: Speak Into Your Life

There is life and death in the power of the tongue. You can kill yourself with your words, or you can build yourself up with your words.

The point and purpose of your life is to get in where you fit in; LIVE YOUR LIFE AND NOT DIE TO CIRCUMSTANCES.

The problem with people today, especially women, is that with all the strength we have at our finger tips, we dont' use them. With all the time we have on our hands, we don't use our time effectively. I teach my clients, daily, to use their resources wisely. When I tell them that they they continue to look at the circumstances as if they JUST CAN'T.

Sometimes God will take you through certain things to see that you can, but the only way to SEE it with your spiritual eyes is to speak IT INTO YOUR LIFE.

You want riches, SPEAK IT.
You want wealth, SPEAK IT.
You want your husband back, SPEAK IT
You want your children to obey, SPEAK IT.
You want your life back, SPEAK IT.
You want out of your present cirucmstances


When you speak it, more often than not, you start to believe what the LORD SAYS. You have to start somewhere.

Here's a thought, over the past 12 days, I have given you some insight on your own life and how to regain the mindset you need to get what God has for you; I have shown you how to be BAD. We have a few more days to go, but you better see RIGHT NOW, that GOD INTENDS FOR YOU BE BLESSED IF YOU ARE OBEDIENT. Obedience means taming your tongue and speaking LIFE NOT DEATH.

Dana Neal

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